Beware - Scam Alert

It is to bring your notice that there are many scam companies providing KA02 service. People contact me that they have made the payment to X company and now they are not replying to their emails or the quality of the service is not up to the standard. As they have already paid the fee to others therefore, they request for concession to register with Kindly note that the prices are fixed and it is your responsibility to check the credibility of those scammers before making payment.

Please follow below advice so you may not fall into the trap of these scammers.

Ask for the outcomes.

These companies claim that they have many years of experience and they have the team of experienced professionals but when you ask to share the outcome(s) of their clients, they will make excuses like it is the policy of the company that we can’t share the outcomes etc.

Some of them do share the assessment report which they have found it over internet, therefore, ask them that you want to see the “Date issued” which is mentioned at the top left of the assessment report by this way you will find out that the assessment report is current one and done by their company or stolen from somewhere else.

Ask to hide the Client’s personal Info.

As it is their company policy that they cannot share the outcome(s) of their clients so ask them that to hide the client’s personal information like their name, university name etc. from the outcome(s) because you only require to confirm the trustworthiness of the company. Still, they don’t share the outcome(s) then avoid registering with them.

Company policy vs Samples.

Many scammers are selling KA02/CDR/ACS samples at their website and if they claim that they can’t share the outcomes due to company policy then how can they sell the samples because the sample contains client’s personal and projects information.

Pseudo Samples.

Some scammers claim that they only share those samples which are written by their professionals. As KA02/CDR/RPL is a very sensitive report and confidentiality has to be maintained at highest so they won’t share the real ones. In fact, they are lying because they don’t have the original ones (sample) or any client related to that category.

Look for new “Engineering New Zealand” Logo.

IPENZ name has changed to Engineering New Zealand so as the logo. Therefore, ask for new outcomes after name change. Latest outcome(s) will help you to assess that the company is up-to-date and handle your case as per latest changes. On internet, you will find old outcomes which these companies use to attract you and when you ask for the latest outcomes, they will reply that the client has not shared it with us because he/she is reluctant.

After approval communication with clients.

These companies use fake(client) email ids where they send emails to their own company account just to prove that it is the correspondence between the client who got approval. If this is the case, just ask to share the email correspondences of different dates or old emails (more than one email) by this way you can confirm that they did the KA02 cases or not.

Cheap prices.

Their aim is to grab money therefore they offer the attractive prices so you may fall into their trap. Also, when you don’t show any interest in their services, they give offers like we have a sale going on and if you register with us, we will give discount or email your personal documents and avail discounts etc.

Fake Team.

They use fake photos of people to show them as their team members. You can search the team members reality by Google Image Search.


They force you to read the testimonials of their clients however, these testimonials are written by themselves. It is their website and writing fake testimonials is a piece of cake. If they are genuine, ask them to show the real testimonials. Online companies usually correspond with their clients via emails so ask them if it is a genuine testimonial, you also have the same in your mail box therefore, ask them to share the screen shot of client’s email removing the client’s information. has all for you.

1 -You can have an access to latest client’s outcomes.

Engineering New Zealand KA02 Outcomes

2 -You can read the screenshot of client’s testimonials shared via email, Whatsapp, Skype etc.

KA02 Endorsements

3- You can also check the website trust rating from the below link.

4- Company is verified by Google.

Below is the Google verification letter.

Also, you can search on google maps by typing, You will get the complete address as well.