Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment FAQs

Q: Why do you need a Knowledge Assessment?

A: There are two reasons you may need a Knowledge Assessment.

1. You are planning to immigrate to New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand may ask you to provide a letter certifying you meet the benchmark requirements to apply for registration as a Chartered Professional Engineer in New Zealand. The benchmark is a Washington Accord-accredited qualification or equivalent knowledge. Before Engineering NZ can provide a letter, they’ll need to check your credentials.

2. You would like to apply to become a Chartered Member or a Chartered Professional Engineer. To be eligible to apply to become Chartered you must have a Washington Accord-accredited qualification (In New Zealand this is an accredited 4-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)) or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

Q: How would I know that I have to apply for KA?

A: First apply for credential check. When you receive an outcome check the Accord status, if it is None then you will need to apply for KA02 otherwise not.

Q: Do you provide Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) KA approved sample only?

A: Yes, One KA approved sample can be purchased for US $350. As per my experience, samples do not help you much, my clients usually face difficulty to grasp that what specific information is the assessor looking for. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you for the sample but if you are still interested, you can purchase it by clicking on purchase button or contact us at [email protected]


Q: Why is the KA sample price higher than others?

A: The price seems high but without checking the quality of the sample, you can’t understand its worth and why others are selling at lesser price because it is self-prepared by them, not the real one while I share the genuine KA02 sample written by our clients.

Click on the link to read reviews about the samples.

Sample Reviews

Q: Can I read your full-service reviews?

A: Yes, Off course.

Click on the link to read full-service reviews.

Full Service Reviews

Q: Do you also share KA Outcomes of Successful Clients?

A: Yes, I do.

Below is the outcomes link.

KA Outcomes

Q: The thing is I am lazy to write everything, If I have to write then what’s the point of getting the service?

A: This is where many people get confused. KA02 application is not about filling the application. It’s about understanding the application where most people fail, and they provide useless information and get declined. Believe me if you don’t write yourself then you will get into trouble because they may conduct interviews and, how can someone write your projects because you are the only one who worked on your projects and can provide the correct information.

Sorry, I don’t write fake projects and advise applicants not to hire someone for themselves to write it.

In simple words, my role will be in your case:

  • Guide you through internet call that how to write the application.
  • Provide samples related to your category.
  • Review and Provide feedback on your write ups.

Q: I have prepared my KA02 application and want you to review, do you provide KA02 review service?

A: No, the reason for not providing review service is that if you don’t meet the requirement of all (or any specific) element(s) then I will have to provide you feedback with justification that is what specifically required in element and falls under Normal or Fast Track of my KA02 service.

Q: What type of KA service do you provide?

I provide 2 types of KA02 service. You can find below information regarding both the services.

IPENZKA02.comKA Normal TrackKA Fast Track
FeeUSD 550/-USD 750/-
Completion Time25-30 Days10-14 Days
Feedback on elements/work episodes24-48 Hours8-14 Hours
Availability over Internet Call/SkypeIntimate at least 6 hours agoIntimate at least 2 hours ago
WhatsApp MessagingAlways AvailableAlways Available

Q: Do you provide consultancy/guidance regarding any specific KA element(s) or work episode(s) OR Engineering NZ has asked me to bridge knowledge gaps on either one or more Elements?

A: Yes, I charge USD 100 per element or work episode. This service includes guidance, review and feedback on that specific element(s) or work episode. If interested, click on the purchase button.


Q: I have received positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, do Engineering New Zealand waive my KA requirement?

A: Yes, Engineering New Zealand accepts positive migration skills assessment outcome from Engineers Australia, you just need to submit Qualification Assessment Form (aka KA01) along with CDRs.

Q: What is the assessment time for KA02 by Engineering New Zealand?

A: KA assessment normally takes 6-8 weeks.

Q: KA02 Fast Track service is too expensive, is there any discount available?

A: No, there is no discount available. I understand your problem because of this overnight increase in costs on your Visa Application as against your expected budget. I’ll help you as much, but all this would be my efforts, the final decision would rest upon the authorities. You only provide required information and pray that our efforts may not go in vain.