Why IPENZKA02.com?

What makes IPENZKA02.com unique?


Currently, I am the only one in the market who dealt with the most numbers of KA02, ITP Evidence Document and Competency Demonstration Report clients from different engineering fields all over the world. i.e. 100+ cases since 2012.

Quality of Service

I don’t share questionnaire like others do. I always advise my clients that they are the only one who can provide detailed information regarding their projects in KA02 application. Answering someone and asking them to write your projects as per Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) standards is not possible because the person who is writing the projects is not aware of the environment, technicalities etc. which you(clients) have faced during the projects.

Actually, KA02 application is not about filling the form, it’s all about understanding of the application which I guide my clients through interactive sessions and feedbacks.

Providing questionnaire and asking to answer it without letting the client(s) know that what is required in specific elements and episodes is not my policy.

Economical Charges

Quality service at lowest price! This is what everyone wants. Currently, IPENZKA02.com is offering the lowest KA02 consultancy fee than others.


All KA02 service providers are reluctant to share their location from where they are working but I have already shared my contact information at Contact page of the website. Also, Once the client gets registered I will share my personal contact number so whenever he/she has to ask questions/issues regarding their case, they can contact me immediately.

As I am providing services from New Zealand, many people are reluctant to take my services i.e. reliability issue. However, I can use fake location and fool my clients to generate business but I never mislead my clients.


YOU are NOT a Number

You are a respected individual who needs personal and professional service to live your dream.

Unique Application for Unique YOU

You are looked after in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Peace of Mind

Ensure high quality of service and your peace of mind.

No Surprise Costs

All fees are disclosed prior to commencement of service. I understand the value of your hard-earned money that’s why fees are affordable.


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