What is an ITP Evidence Document?

ITP Evidence Document aka ITP Qualification Recognition needs to be submitted by IT Professionals who wishes to move to New Zealand. IT Professionals New Zealand is the body which provides this service confirming whether your degree-level (or above) qualification, in conjunction with subsequent learning, meets the benchmark educational requirements for Chartered IT Professional New Zealand (CITPNZ) certification.

It is an assessment of whether your qualifications and learning meet the benchmark educational requirements of CITPNZ.

Note: This assessment won’t gain you CITPNZ certification, it only makes you eligible for CITPNZ along with meeting the requirement of Immigration New Zealand.

Who has to go through this process?

One who has a Bachelors degree or above and his/her university was not accredited with Washington accord or Sydney accord or Dublin accord at the time of degree awarded.

What is the eligibility requirement?

You have to go through New Zealand Qualification Assessment – International Qualification Assessment process first and the assessment outcome must be equivalent to Level 7 on the NZ Qualifications Framework as a minimum requirement i.e. the equivalent of a New Zealand Bachelors Degree. This does not have to be a strictly computing/IT degree, provided it is relevant to working in technology and you meet the rest of the benchmark requirements through subsequent learning.

I have a Bachelors Degree in IT, do I still require this assessment?

This assessment is for both, who have IT degree or non-IT degree and occupational group is ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications in New Zealand’s Long Term Skill Shortage List(LTSSL).

In my NZQA IQA result below line is written, do i still need to go through this assessment?
Taken from NZQA Report

Yes, the above line confirms your category which you are applying for immigration but to gain bonus points, you have to go through ITP Evidence Document process.

Note: It can be any ICT occupation, Web Developer occupation is used as a reference here.

What kind of ITP Evidence Document service do you provide?

In simple words, my role will be in your case:

  • Guide you through internet call that how to write the application.
  • Provide sample related to your category.
  • Review and Provide feedback on your write ups.

Your role:

  • Provide explanation as per my requirements.

I provide 2 types of ITP Evidence document service and below is the difference between both services.

IPENZKA02.comNormal TrackFast Track
FeeUSD 300/-USD 450/-
Completion Time15-20 Days05-10 Days
Feedback on write-ups30-36 Hours12-18 Hours
Availability over Internet Call/SkypeIntimate at least 6 hours agoIntimate at least 2 hours ago
WhatsappAlways AvailableAlways Available
What is the difference between Fast track and Normal track service?

The only difference is feedback time. If Visa officer is allocated to your case and he/she has asked for ITP Evidence Document then go for fast track service otherwise not.

I have done my skills assessment from Australian Computer Society (ACS), Will IT Professionals New Zealand recognize it?

ACS skills assessment is for Australian Immigration and ITP Evidence Document assessment is for New Zealand Immigration, therefore, ACS skills assessment letter is not accepted by ITPNZ.

Have you helped anyone in writing their ITP Evidence Document application?

Yes, you can check the outcomes page. I have been providing this service since March 2018 when this requirement was introduced by Immigration New Zealand.

Also, you can read the reviews of my clients as well.