ITP Evidence Document - Normal Track Service

Normal Plan is suitable for IT Professionals who have their New Zealand Qualification Assessment (NZQA) and have generic outcome i.e. A Bachelor Degree at Level 7 and would like to apply for ITP Qualification Recognition process(ITP Evidence Document) before submission of EOI or Residence Application.

This package includes:
  • 1 Approved ITP Evidence Document Sample related to your category.
  • Skype (or any other Calling application) session(s) to guide client regarding the application requirement i.e. Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Reviewing criteria and providing feedback within 36 hours.
  • Time Line to Complete Quality Application: 15 Days.
  • Availability over Skype/Internet Call: Intimate at least 06 hours ago.
  • Availability on WhatsApp messaging: Always.

  • Note: It must be all your own work. I don’t write/provide fake projects.

    Discussion is an exchange of knowledge and if you discuss your case may be we will end up in a win-win situation so discuss it now at [email protected] or WhatsApp (message only) at +642102318978 or WeChat (message only) scan this QR code to connect.

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