KA02 Normal Track Package

KA02 Normal Track Package

Normal Plan is suitable for Engineers who have their New Zealand Qualification Assessment (NZQA) and have generic outcome i.e. A Bachelor Degree at Level 7 and would like to apply for KA02 application before submission of EOI or Residence Application.
This package includes:

  • 2 Approved KA02 Samples and Outcomes.
  • 1 Declined KA02 Sample and Outcome. *
  • Skype session(s) to guide client regarding KA02 application requirement i.e. Do’s & Dont's
  • Reviewing elements and providing feedback.
  • Time Line to Complete Quality KA02: 30 Days.

Note: The KA02 must be all your own work. I don’t write/provide fake projects.
*Declined KA02: Yes, IPENZ does decline KA02 and the purpose of providing declined sample is avoiding mistakes which were made by others. As per my experience, once KA02 is declined then they never approve it again.

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