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IPENZKA02.com is providing professional consulting services regarding Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) Knowledge Assessment 02 Applications, IT Professionals New Zealand Evidence Document Applications (New requirement from March 2018) and Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Reports. I am a professional engineer already providing Engineering Consultancy to MARA and IAA advisers since 2012 and will assist you to present yourself more accurately.

I believe that the lack of unfamiliarity with the KA02, Evidence Document and CDR rules and techniques should not prevent talented individuals to reach their goals for a better life. That is why I am ready to help you with exceptional KA02, Evidence Document and CDR consulting services that will help you to demonstrate your skills and passion in your fields more accurately. I know how frustrating it is for those with English as their second language to demonstrate their knowledge and commitment while their passion things may get lost in translation. I will be there for you, and I am committed to help you reach your goals.

I have an experience of providing KA02, ITP Evidence Document and CDR consultancy to individuals and immigration consultants for their clients worldwide with 70+ positive outcomes for KA02, 30+ positive outcomes for IT Professionals New Zealand Evidence Document Applications and 80+ positive outcomes for CDR.

What is KA02?

KA02 stands for Knowledge Assessment 2 which is a technical report (application) required by Engineering New Zealand for Engineers to get New Zealand Skilled Migration.

If your university is accredited by Washington accord than you would need to apply for credential check only otherwise you would need KA02.

Preparation of a quality KA02 that ensure in a successful assessment is a tedious, and time consuming endeavor. It also requires many skills including but not limited to, having experience in the engineering field, English proficiency, and deep knowledge in the major being undertaken. Based on the high number of applicants willing to immigrate to New Zealand, the competency evaluation, and successful assessment is now more critical than ever. Each year, a large number of applicants will be rejected although they are very qualified engineers. The reason is mainly the lack of time to prepare a coherent report that fully represents them or the lack of knowledge about the necessary requirements of KA02 writing.

Although, preparing a professional KA02 is a technical challenge, many engineers decide to prepare it by themselves. Here, I provide technical advice to those who decide to write their own KA02. I encourage everyone to take the time to develop your own KA02. As a matter of fact, I am now providing many KA02 samples that could be used as models for engineers who are willing to work on their own and fully present themselves.

Below is a short list of the majors that I am able to provide clients with professional consulting services.

KA02 for Electrical Engineering, including the (Control, Power, Electronics and Communication)

KA02 for Civil Engineering.

KA02 for Mechanical Engineering.

KA02 for Polymer Engineering.

KA02 for Textile Engineering.

KA02 for Environmental Engineering.

KA02 for Structural Engineering.

KA02 for Telecommunication Engineering.

ITPNZ for Telecommunication & IT Professionals.

I currently hold more than 70 custom written Knowledge Assessment 2 samples which covers almost any major discipline in the engineering field.

Once KA02 is declined by Engineering New Zealand, they won’t approve it again. There are many individuals who contact me after rejection of KA02 assessment and I always advise them not to waste money in re-submission. Kindly don’t contact me if you are one of them, I won’t respond such queries.

I feel sorry for people who doesn’t evaluate pros and cons before applying for KA02 assessment and lose thousands of dollars (NZQA, EOI, Residence & KA02 fees) and their dreams of moving to New Zealand just to save KA02 consultancy fee. Please make your choice wisely! It is no use crying over split milk.

Having your Knowledge Assessment written by another person or persons (this includes all hiring or use of any third-party professional writers/companies) constitutes unethical behaviour and may result in serious consequences including but not limited to: 1) immediate rejection of the application along with the imposition of a stand-down period before you can re-apply or 2) reporting of your details to Immigration New Zealand.

From 27th May 2019

Telecommunication Engineers have choice either to apply for Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Application or IT Professionals New Zealand Evidence Document Application. Letter from any one authority is now acceptable for immigration purpose.

From 19th February 2018

KA02 requirement for Telecommunications and IT Professionals is waived off by Immigration New Zealand. Now IT Professionals New Zealand (ITPNZ) will assess Telecommunications and IT Professionals.

From 1st October 2017

Engineering New Zealand is the new name for IPENZ which means name of IPENZ KA02 application is now changed to Engineering New Zealand KA02 application.